Everything you need for a special map.

Well-designed interactive maps empower users to explore your world with ease and confidence.


In an interactive map, it's all about providing rich information on specific locations, so your visitors can discover what there is to see and experience.

Pins on interactive map

Only Your Own Places

A map is about places. But only yours. This way you help visitors easily orient and discover in both familiar and unfamiliar areas.

Interactive map with routes

A Network of Routes

Help visitors explore with a clear overview of routes and paths in an area. Add interesting points along routes and assist in planning stops.

Video on the map

Enrich with Photo and Video

Use photos and videos to explore areas from afar or for better understanding on-site. Tell a story and take the visitor along.

Audio clips and sound

Use Audio Clips

Bring an area to life. Use audio for an immersive experience with more depth. Handy for people who prefer listening over reading.

Visibility of places on the map

Publish at the Right Time

Determine which places and categories are already on the map and which are not yet. Handy during preparation, or for special time-bound locations.

Priority on the map

Priority of Your Places

Adjust the priority of the categories and places you want to emphasize on the interactive map.

Filtering, Searching, and Organizing

We have everything you need to create a beautiful and organized interactive map.

Organize your map with categories

Bring Structure with Categories

Quickly find what you're looking for using colors and symbols. Categories are an intuitive way for visitors to filter.

Organizing with tags

Filtering with Tags

Tags offer an additional way to filter besides categories. For example, if you want to indicate whether a place is easily accessible, add a tag.

Smart clusters on the interactive map

Order in Chaos with Clusters

Not everyone can be at the top. Clusters suggest to visitors that there's more to discover. This way, no place falls between the cracks.

Search on the digital map


Besides wandering on the map, you can also easily search for addresses, places, or locations. And that saves time.

Link maps

Linking Maps

Link maps for both overview and detail. Explore the large map or dive deeper into specific areas by clicking.

ODP Integration


Integrate with your own database such as ODP. This way you can quickly create a map and keep it up-to-date.

Sharing & Distribution

Our maps are not only easy to find on Google, but also simple to share. No hassle with apps or complicated sharing processes, just simple and quick sharing with whoever you want.

Share on social networks

Share on Social Networks

Sharing the map or a location is a breeze. Easily share your map or specific locations via popular social media platforms, email, WhatsApp, or simply by copying the URL.

Embed your interactive map


You can easily place the interactive map on your website or blog by embedding it.

Automatic QR codes for your places and map

QR Codes

Use our handy QR codes to make your interactive map and locations accessible offline as well. This way, visitors can find the map and its places anytime, anywhere.

Copy the URL of your interactive map

Copy URL

Share your entire map or focus on a specific area, category, or location by copying the URL. Ideal for campaigns or blog articles.

Take on phone

Take on Phone

Let visitors scan the QR code to take the map with them immediately and explore the area.


A map is like a compass, that's why these elements are crucial to maintain direction.

See your own location on the digital map

Your Own Location on the Map

Give visitors the ability to use their current location to discover what's nearby or to follow a route.

Satellite imagery and aerial photos on the digital map

HQ Satellite Images

Each year, a plane flies over the Netherlands to take beautiful aerial photos. We use these annually in Wolf Maps.

Frame your area

Frame Your Area

Does your map need more focus? Then place a frame around your areas.

Custom map layer

Custom Map Layer

Especially for places like open-air museums, it is possible to provide a custom map layer.

Create the Map with Your Visitors

Wolf Maps is a social map, let your visitors give suggestions for new places or get them involved in thinking.

Receive suggestions from your visitors

Suggestions from Your Visitors

Let your visitors propose places on the map. Keep your map up to date and make it richer than it already was.

Rating of places

Rating Places

Rating a place can be useful to know if a place is actually good or to ask whether a certain place should exist.

There's More!

These tools make your map even more useful.

Your branding on your interactive map

Your Own Style and Brand

Transform your map into your own style with your own images, logo, and colors.

Set the language of the map

In Which Language?

You can change the language of your interactive map for your English-speaking audience in just a few clicks.



Link your map with privacy-friendly analytics for even more insight.

Heatmaps on your interactive map


See how visitors of the map move in your area.

Your digital map on your own domain

The Map on Your Own Domain

If you want to strengthen your brand further, place the map on your own domain or subdomain.

WCAG accessible interactive map

WCAG Accessible

Wolf Maps is WCAG accessible. You can operate the entire map via your keyboard, even when navigating through specific places.

Create the friendliest digital map for your visitors to explore.