An tribute to exploration.

One thing is central in our lives: always keep discovering . In entrepreneurship, on the internet, and in the physical world. With Wolf Maps, we want to help the world discover more.

Ontdekker als kaartmaker met een interactieve kaart

Our Story

It all began over 12 years ago. In 2009, we met in a cafe in Groningen, The Netherlands. Aljan had just finished studying, and Tim was still in the process of completing his studies. The energy to start a business was flowing. Later that year, Studio Wolf was born, a design agency for the web. For years, we worked for wonderful clients, mainly in the northern part of the country.

Over 7 years after our start, we decided to stop. Stuck in patterns and both envisioning different futures, we lost the joy to continue. Tim had moved to Amsterdam a year before the end, and the distance didn’t help.

The closure of the studio went smoothly. Through mutual respect and good communication, we kept our bond strong. In the years that followed, we walked our own paths, discovering other things. Aljan pursued his dream and became a landscape photographer, while Tim joined Qbit Cyber Security.

We kept in touch. More and more, we talked about Studio Wolf. It took a while, but we got better at looking back on our adventure. Pride is the feeling that lingers.

We discovered what we liked and what we didn’t. Interactive maps stood out. Why? Interactive maps have a connection to the real world. They teach you something about the real world.

In the following years, we both ventured into freelance work. We collaborated on projects, including those centered around interactive maps. Working together on the same project, why not start a company together? We toyed with the idea and decided to revive Studio Wolf in 2021.

Our focus, as you might have guessed, is interactive maps. After a few clients, including Topotijdreis from Kadaster, we decided to launch our own map product, Wolf Maps.

Why? Every child and adult enjoys looking at a real map. To discover and learn something about the world. What surprises us is that analog maps have captured our imagination for years, while most digital maps completely lack this feeling.

And that’s exactly what we want to do: bring back the feeling of discovery into interactive maps. Combine that with our love for maps, and the seed was planted for Wolf Maps.

Tim, Aljan

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